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This creates a downward spiral in grades, morale and life trajectory. Small dollars do make a big difference.

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The scholarship recipients of our programs exemplify standards of excellence as demonstrated by their desire and commitment to b-great! Elite Dreams Foundation Entrepreneurship Program.

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Our program combines a synergistic blend of language arts with math components. We have partnered with several local and regional service providers with track records of providing high impact programming and projects relevant for the complex and unpredictable situations youth and young adults can expect to be exposed to. Entrepreneurship fosters the skills to hone and fine tune of team building, critical thinking skills, establishing shared goals and commitments and creative ideation and networking.

ITF- International Transformation Foundation

Youth who participate in our programs and projects exemplify these traits and explore and develop new ones along their journey to b-great! Elite Dreams Foundation Dreams Summit. Elite Dreams Summit is one of our most highly requested and well attended programs.

[email protected] - James Sun - Using the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Unlock Youth Potential

These performances range from spoken word to singing, to rapping and dance. Elite Dreams Foundation, Inc. EDF is dedicated to using sports and performing arts as a pathway to impact the opportunities and life trajectory experience of the youth, families and communities we work and serve in. EDF offers solid, enriching and engaging opportunities to youth coupled with long-term life skills.

Youth for Growth: Transforming Economies through Agriculture

We invite you to lock arms with us as we invest in community transformation which makes possible for our youth and community members a broad spectrum of possibilities. We welcome your partnership in our community activation platform that is not only committed to youth development and excellence but also invests in them. Your support helps to instill within our youth knowledge that they are not only champions on the court and field but also champions in life. Know that the dollars and contributions you make to our programs are tax deductible—allowing you the benefit of using your tax dollars towards issues you care about while reaping substantial benefits on the back end.

We appreciate your partnership with us. Challenge areas range from economic, to educational, to health and social well-being.

Universities must move from teaching to transforming

Our program participants experience various iterations and combinations of these daily. While there are several pathways for youth with the right supports in place to get into college, many are often left behind due to a lack of resources, direction and or support systems that address their everyday life challenges. John Perkins.

This pre-conference is an opportunity for Christians with business, entrepreneurial, and community-development skills and experience to come together to:. A continuing global trend and more specifically in the U.

Could it be that a part of the future work of CCDA will be to help business leaders and CCDA practioners connect to launch businesses for this purpose? Could it be that these entrepreneurs and their businesses, with the proper support mechanisms in place to reduce the rates of business failure, would launch and grow meaningful places of work that sustains individuals and their families where all can flourish?

Could it be that there are early adopter investors waiting for opportunities like this? A World Bank survey of 60, people in poverty around the world found that the No.

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Nearly all CCD ministries—regardless of the programs they offer, their location, or their longevity—will tell you that one of the biggest needs in our under-resourced communities is jobs—good jobs, jobs that pay a living wage, jobs that allow parents to care for their families. Market Solutions for Community Transformation will be an introduction for some, and a deep dive for others, on the life-giving role that business plays—increasing opportunity and reducing poverty—in Christian Community Development.

Noel has worked in full-time ministry in Latino, urban communities since He has served in youth ministry, church planting, advocacy and community development in San Francisco, San Jose, and Chicago. Noel is the author of Where the Cross Meets the Street: What Happens to the Neighborhood When God is at the Center, which blends the art of story with firmly rooted theology and time tested praxis.