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The same teaching section which describes the examples also has further resources for programming your Phidget. By following the instructions for your operating system and compiler above, you probably now have a working example and want to understand it better so you can change it to do what you want.

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This teaching section has resources for you to learn from the examples and write your own. Your main reference for writing VB. NET code will be our. To learn the details behind opening, configuring, using, and closing your Phidget, try the General Phidget Programming page. That page also describes using the Phidget in an event-driven manner and in a traditional manner, both of which are available in VB. You cannot access controls text boxes etc This means that updating the UI while in a worker thread such as an event handler is not directly possible.

The Invoke function passes the procedure out of the thread and safely handles the UI update. Any time that you try to change the UI while inside a worker thread you will have to do this.

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Coding in Visual Basic. We have a huge section on that page which includes pseudo-code and code snippets for developing with Phidgets. These resources are also applicable to. NET Compact:.

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None specific to. NET page.

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Network Service Troubleshooting. Device Troubleshooting. Phidgets Support and Documentation.

Support Phidgets. Software Overview. To Products To Forums. The simplest way to install an app is to simply copy the executable and other files it needs, but a proper installer can be made with the instructions bellow: 1 one needs a inf file maybe Lazarus could generate one on his own some time Windows CE doesn't ship with a command line, so people used to command-line log debugging may have trouble.

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In some versions of Windows CE it is possible to install a command-line, but another solution for this is using the logging routines from the LCLProc unit in Lazarus to write log information to a file in the same directory as the executable and then read it, as in the code bellow. Windows CE does not have the concept of current directory, so paths to files should always be complete and never relative to the executable path. As one exception to this rule, DLLs can be placed in the same folder as the executable and they will be loaded from there.

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Note that if you don't provide a quit button it will be then impossible to close the application and that if the application crashes, the taskbar will not be restored automatically. Rebooting the device will restore it. This is a different solution for going Fullscreen. To enumerate all display settings supported by the current display device pass zero in the iModeNum parameter to the EnumDisplaySettings API and then continue calling it with incremented iModeNum values until the function returns zero, as shown in the following Pascal code.

The following Pascal code demonstrates how to rotate the screen orientation clockwise by 90 degrees.

Note that this code will only work with devices that support the respective display settings. It is important to obey the return value of the ChangeDisplaySettings API as some operations may require the computer to be restarted in order for the graphics mode to work. First 10 Free.

Asked 3 years, 10 months ago. Active 3 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 8k times. Is there an emulator that could run Embedded Compact so that I could give a demo of the software without buying the device? Reid Reid 2, 7 7 gold badges 30 30 silver badges 54 54 bronze badges.

You'll have to use Visual Studio , I'm afraid. CharlesGarth CharlesGarth 76 3 3 bronze badges. Which emulator to use depends on your desktop environment: If you are on Windows 7, the way to go is Microsoft Virtual PC. On newer versions of desktop Windows you can use Hyper-V. Carsten Hansen Carsten Hansen 1, 1 1 gold badge 14 14 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges.