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Appears t have been first published in by Real Eight Company, Inc. Also have indication of publication in by E. British edition published by Longmans. Hardcover, dustjacket, pages, mono and colour plates throughout. The author, a Florida construction man, picked up the first clues of the treasure fleet from Spain. Occasionally, blackend silver coins were discovered along a Florida beach. His imagination was fired and with the help of his friends he began a long research and search operation that is described in this engrossing book. Their work was arduous and at times dangerous.

The story is told with humor, drama and the kind of factual detail any treasure hunter wants to know and that every armchair adventure will find fascinating. It has become one of the true classics of 'treasure literature'.

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We have just the one copy available; the Longman's edition, In good condition with intact dust jacket. In the seventeenth century, Port Royal was a legendary city, a city of vast wealth and pleasure-seeking, the home port of the buccaneers. Today, Port Royal is a city of legends, legends of the earthquake and tidal wave that caused the city to sink beneath the sea, and legends of the fortunes that may be buried there.

Bob Marx was caught up in those legends. Hos excellent book, whiuch has undergone many editions, describes the fulfillment of his childhood dream: a two-and-a-half year exploration of the historic Jamaican port. The first investigation of the site by a trained marine archaeologist, his expedition discovered thousands of perfectly preserved artifacts of life in the 17th century city: silver and pewter ware; brass, iron and wooden tools; and much more, including two hoards of classic buried treasure: Spanish pieces of eight.

But Port Royal did not easily give up its treasures: working on a painfully slim budget, Marx and his rag-tag crew had to cope with murky, polluted waters; inhospitable sharks, eels and crabs; razorsharp coral and ancient walls on the verge of collapse; and the intractable opposition of some financial and political interests.

Blending real-life adventure, colourful history and the thrill of discovery, Marx has written a fascinating account of one of the most important marine archaeological expeditions ever undertaken. Hardback, pages. One copy left. Stanford Maritime Limited, London.

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Hardcover, dustjacket, pages, mono prints. Books and articles have been written on collisions and strand- ings, the circumstances leading up to them, the ecological after effects and the legal proceedings that follow. Against this background of high invest ment. Gary Kinder. In September , the SS Central America, a side-wheel steamer carrying nearly six hundred passengers returning from the California Gold Rush, foundered in a hurricane and sank two hundred miles off the Carolina coast.

Over four hundred lives and twenty-one tons of California gold were lost, at the time the worst peacetime disaster at sea in American history. Eventually the women and children were led into lifeboats manned by crewmen and were saved. Gold everywhere, like a garden.

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The more you looked, the more you saw gold growing out of everywhere. This is one of the most interesting books I have read in quite a while, and makes me wonder why I am living in Victoria. This is not just a list of treasure wrecks. There is excellent chapters on search techniques and identification of ancient wrecks, the law, maritime archaeology or plundering?

Superb book, in full colour with excellent maps. Softcover, pages, xmm. Captain Sir John Williams. Globe Press, Victoria.

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From the fly: In this autobiography Sir John I Williams recounts the story of his long and eventful life. Born in Wales in he went to I ,ea on sailing ships when he was fourteen, and his years before the mast tell of a past era of romance, danger, harshness and hard work. After meeting his future wife on a voyage to Australia he migrated and worked in the port of Townsville. Moving to Melbourne as Wharf Manager he developed a stevedoring business which later diversified into freight, salvage and engineering. The energetic, young John Williams also maintained interests in gold-mining, cool stores, paint manufacture and farming.

But from the gold ship Niagara through service with the war time Salvage Board to the present day, marine salvage has been the main interest of this multi-faceted man. Appointed as Chairman of the Australian Coastal Shipping. Commission in he presided over its first years of development until his retirement in This book is not simply the outline of an outstanding career. With amazing recall and endearing frankness it shares the the life of a remarkable man.

Shipwreck Deep Sea Treasure Hunter Discovers a $1M Fortune Documentary 2017

Hardcover, dustjacket, pages, index, mono prints. We occasionally have copies in various conditions. Please ask.

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Yep - have a copy. Perfect condition, as new, dustjacket in protective cover. Barrie Penrose. Published by Granada Publishing, UK, Hardcover, dust jacket, pages, page mono photograph feature. Although not a classic in the true sense, it is nevertheless a collectors item as the book was ordered to be withdrawn and pulped after litigation brough about, I believe, by Keith Jessop who was the leader and true finder of the Edinburugh.

It is not know how many copies remained in circulation after the court order was issued. It is a story of entrepreneurial enterprise, business acumen, space-age technology and international diplomacy, and it involved not least of all a team of divers working at unprecedented depths while an array of Russian and British trade, defence and security officials kept a wary eye on the accumulating gold-and one another.

When, in , the British cruiser Edinburgh was torpedoed by German warships in the Barents Sea, miles north of Murmansk, it was carrying five tonnes of Russian gold as payment for Allied principally American war material. Precisely how the wreck-an official War Grave-came to be located, and how the most elaborate, expensive and politically delicate salvage operation ever mounted was initiated by a tiny Yorkshire consortium, is told here in compelling detail.

The author has talked to many British and German wartime survivors, and pieced together the exciting naval background to the sinking of the ship as well as the whole story of Russia's wartime trade in precious metals. The result is a gripping saga of the most successful treasure hunt of all time.

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Very good condition, with dust jacket. Daniel Lenihan. The author led a team of divers from the US National Park Service for twenty five years, with the aim of finding and preserving historical shipwrecks. Hardcover, dust jacket, pages, colour and mono prints.

Lost treasure ships or the twentieth century

Copyright by Libraire Plon. English translation by Hill and Wang Inc. Published by Rupert Hart-Davis, London, Hardcover, dust jacket, pages, mono plates throughout, charts. These are two of my favourite authors, and yet I can find nothing on them personally. Never mind, they have left a legacy to the existence by way of this book, and Man and the Underater World. This book is about sunken treasure, of course, and contains 25 chapters of individual wrecks and wreck sites including the Spanish galleons, the Lutine, Egypt, Laurentic, Elisabethville, Niagara, Florencia and many others.

A great read. Now well out of print. Secondhand only, when available.

We have one excellent copy, with dust jacket. Four hundred pages of interesting facts; methods, stories. This book could change your life! A very good read-modern salvage, galleons, identification,preservation. Softcover, some colour. Dorian Ball. Over four million dollars worth of porcelain was raised from the British ship Diana which went down off Malacca on the west Malaysian coast in Author Dorian Ball spent several years locating and raising the treasure which was eventually sold at auction. Like the raising of the famous Nanking cargo which Ball worked on , the location and salvage of the Diana's cargo makes for fascinating reading.

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The book is exceptionally well produced. Hardcover, dust jacket, pages, full colour. Wade Doak. London and Auckland.