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This has had a pro The legal and regulatory infrastructure and fundamental theoretical concepts underpinning global finance have undergone fundamental changes since This has had a profound impact on financial law theory and practice as well as on the operation of global finance. These developments, ranging from ever-evolving finance practices, the impact of technology, and a complex regulatory infrastructure, have created a challenging environment for those who wish to work in the wider field of global banking and finance as industry leaders or policy-makers and regulators.

This skill set may not be developed without extensive study and a solid understanding of economic and regulatory theories supporting the operation of global finance that extends to the disruptive influence of financial technology The following modules are indicative of what you will study on this course This programme will provide you with the skills to navigate i In what ways do national and international financial regulations interact?

How do you structure international financial transactions? What makes good financial regulation and how should financial integrity be maintained? That is why the financial sector is becoming increasingly regulated, leading to a growing need for specialists who work at the intersection of law and finance.

In this programme, you will be specially trained to excel in this global and multidisciplinary field. Academic study with a strong practical dimension, including input from high profile finance law practitioners. Improve your career prospects by gaining a Masters from a u The LLM Financial Services Law, Regulation and Compliance by distance learning is a course that has been designed in response to the growing demand for legal education in the financial services sectors.

This is with specific reference to the areas of operational risk and stress testing; data protection in financial services organisations; global financial crime; the approved persons' regime and compliance; and supervision and enforcement.

The course provides a programme of postgraduate study, intended to develop academic knowledge and awareness of issues in financial services law, and increase understanding of the legal dimension to activities taking place in the financial services fields. This includes the extent to which they might give rise to legal issues.

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As well as deepening the understanding of the law in the aforementioned areas, the focus throughout the programme also centres on the practical application of the law University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance The program offers students a unique opportunity to explore the fast-growing field of European criminal law with a special emphasis on economic and financial criminal law The program offers students a unique opportunity to explore the fast-growing field of European criminal law with a special emphasis on economic and financial criminal law.

The program consists of six successive modules, providing students with an in-depth view into several key aspects of European criminal law, comprising the following areas of European Criminal Law:.

Beacon for Advanced Integration or Death-Knell for Democracy?

In the second semester, each student prepares a Master thesis and participates in an internship, through which he or she will have the opportunity to further expand his or her skills by applying the acquired knowledge to real-life situations The LLM in Law, Banking, and Finance at Dundee offers an innovative blend of professional and theoretical training to prepare students for careers in the financial sector.

The course is highly focused in nature, and unlike many other LLM courses in the field is taught by both business and legal professionals who have extensive practical experience of banking and finance law, including experience of financial regulatory law practice in both the EU and the USA.

The LLM is designed for graduates who have a law degree or a legal background who wish to develop specialized skills in order pursue a career in the banking and financial services sector With our Master of Financial Law you broaden an The Master of Financial Law provides you with an excellent basis for developing and expanding your career in the corporate finance, banking and financial supervision sector. Part-time studies In four semesters, the Master of Financial Law will provide you with valuable knowledge and skills that you can use for your career with companies, banks or supervisory authorities.

Without interruption: As a rule, the lessons take place once a month - Thursday to Saturday - so that you can complete our program extra-occupationally and complete your professional tasks in full. A very attractive model for you - and for your employer Do you want to study the interaction of law and economics?

As a student, you will become familiar with the economic effects of legal rules. You will be able to understand the economic implications of the core branches of law, such as contracts, property, corporate, torts and competition law. Graduates from Asia holding a first degree in law, business or economics and who have good academic records are eligible to apply to join our LL.

International Finance International Finance program.

The EU Banking Package

International Finance program offers excellent interdisciplinary and practice-oriented training in the areas of international and European banking, securities and finance law. By studying at the ILF, you will be trained not only to deal with but also to excel in this increasingly important area where the worlds of international law and global finance meet. Having said all this, clients in Europe have a range of options available to them when it comes to obtaining legal advice to structure and execute their deals: substantial teams that offer the full range of capital structure solutions with equal strength and depth across these; firms that major on certain aspects of the market — whether product, size or type of instrument; whether lender-focused or issuer-focused; firms that are stronger in Europe than they are in the US, and so forth.

As the financing landscape continues to change and to be influenced by the US-leveraged finance market and high-yield bond terms, we anticipate not only clients participating in the largest deals but also those in the mid-cap space will increasingly wish to have access to law firms and, in particular, individual lawyers who have breadth of perspective and depth of expertise across a range of instruments, techniques and markets, depending on the needs of the client.

International Banking & Finance Law

Chambers and Partners website Toggle navigation. Law and Practice locations Trends and Development locations Compare locations. Costa Rica. South Africa. High-Water Mark for Convergence The institutional investor base and demand for floating rate yield continues to deepen. Transatlantic Deals With the depth of the US leveraged finance market and strength of demand from investors in it, saw no dearth of cross-border transatlantic financings for European or predominantly European companies.

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Conclusion was an exciting year for European leveraged finance due to a number of inter-related factors: convergence, cross-border deals, substantial shifts in approach to direct lending transactions, etc. Chambers and Partners make no representation or endorsement of the quality and services supplied by companies or firms that may be found on this website.

Then in parts 2 and 3, it looks at the implications of banking union for European integration and for democracy. Finally it asks whether banking union might be more usefully regarded as a trade-off between integration and democracy.

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This is an important, timely and authoritative collection. Niamh Moloney 7.

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