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It is important to understand the historical context of these stories. The Norsemen who arrived in Iceland found a terrain of volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers — without an indigenous population. Read an excerpt from The Saga of the Confederates about a self-made man Odd Ofeigsson, who, after a disagreement with his father, Ofeig, becomes rich from trading and fishing. His wise and shrewd father helps him out of trouble. I liked the part where Odd disagrees with his father Ofeig and leaves home to work for himself. See his entrepreneurial talents:.

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Odd said that he would not be able to support himself very far on that, and they broke off the conversation. The next day Odd helped himself to a fishing line and all the tackle from the wall and twelve ells of homespun cloth, and went away without saying goodbye to anyone. He went north to Vatnsnes and there joined a group of fishermen, borrowing or hiring from them what equipment he most needed, and because they knew he was from a good family and he himself was well-liked, they took the risk of lending to him.

So he bought everything on credit, and for the rest of that year he worked with them in the fishery, and it is said that the group Odd was with had the best catches of any.

He stayed there three winters and three summers, and by then he had repaid everyone what he owed and had still built up a good trading capital for himself. He never visited his father and they both behaved as if there were no bond between them, but Odd was popular with his business partners. Say hi at tulikabahadur gmail. View all posts by Tulika Bahadur. Skip to content. The Sea-Wolves. Lars Brownworth. Le Morte D'Arthur Illustrated. Sir Thomas Malory. Egil's Saga. Svanhildur Oskarsdottir.


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